BMW M3 Cabrio


Double Clutch Gearbox (DKG) is a 7-speed transmission using two independently operating clutches
• the “Sport” setting increases firmness under all conditions for a sportier driving feel. With the “Comfort” setting, when sensors detect smooth roads, the shock absorbers are kept “soft” for optimum riding comfort.
• M drive, DSC can also be set to track oriented M Dynamic Mode (MDM), which allows for more wheel slip and yaw angle. Optional Electronic Damping Control (EDC) can be set to comfort, normal or sport, depending upon your preferred handling settings and the surface of the road.
• All-Season Traction, part of Dynamic Stability Control, provides better stability and control in slippery road conditions, while the Variable M Differential Lock delivers more traction and power coming out of turns.
• Using built-in sensors to continually monitor multiple variables - such as speed, steering angle, yaw, brake pressure and traction - our Dynamic Stability Control system can detect and, more importantly, help correct the loss of wheel traction immediately. All of which helps to keep you in control, no matter what the circumstances.
• Adaptive Brake Lights help eliminate that scenario by emitting a larger, brighter light the more force you use. It allows those behind you to clearly see whether you're lightly tapping the brakes to slow down or applying full force for a sudden stop.


lowering emissions.

V8 Bmw ad alto regime di giri
Torque 295 Lb/Ft @ 3900 rpm
0-60 MPH 5,1sec
Top Speed 250km/h 155MPH
Trasmission 6-speed manual transmission with additional oil cooler and heavy-duty dual-disc clutch


Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling, which links a compatible Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone to your vehicle for hands-free calling.
• Xenon Adaptive Headlights with distinctive corona rings began as a groundbreaking idea that went on to become a major advancement in safety.
• Automatic climate control includes micro-filter, automatic air recirculation, left/right temperature control, temperature- and volume-controlled rear outlets.
• Cruise Control with column-mounted stalk
• Rain-sensing windshield wipers with Automatic headlight control


BMW M3 Cabrio

Styling and aerodynamics

The irony is that it can outrun the sun

After you're done fixating on the retractable hardtop, take note of the details that continue down to where rubber meets road. The V-8 engine growls through its paces, almost shaking the perfect balance of detailed luxury and brute performance.