Ferrari 458 italia


Aerodynamic development in the wind tunnel aimed at sculpting the flanks and the tops of the rear wheelarches to naturally channel the air flow to the intakes above the tail.
• E-Diff 3 electronic differential has also been integrated into the gearbox, resulting in a more compact and lighter unit.
• The use of GDI with Split Injection improves engine performance by modulating the injection in two phases, increasing combustion efficiency and the torque at low revs (by up to 5 per cent). A high injection pressure (200 bar) guarantees adequate pulverisation of the petrol and an optimal air/fuel mix right up to 9000 rpm.
• New rear multi-link suspension and, combined with specific tyre development, overall vertical rigidity has thus been improved for less body roll.
• outstanding braking distances (100-0 km/h in 32.5 metres; 200- 0 km/h in 128 metres) thanks to the development and optimisation of the Bosch control logic and the evolution of Ferrari’s Pre-Fill logic. A specific calibration of the ABS for medium/high grip surfaces, and by integrating the ABS control logic with that of the E-Diff 3 to ensure a more accurate estimate of the vehicle speed and hence better braking torque control, as well as enhanced vehicle stability.
• E-Diff and F1-Trac control software are integrated in the same ECU. This minimises communication times between the two systems and, at the same time, the individual logics were evolved to improve vehicle performance.
• The electronic differential continuously distributes torque to the rear wheels, both in Power Off (turning in for the corner) and Power On (accelerating out of the corner), guaranteeing excellent vehicle stability and control in all driving conditions and on all surfaces.


The engine can be seen through the rear screen. The exterior architecture focused on keeping weight down, reducing the frontal section to reduce drag, and on lowering the car’s centre of gravity. The result of this mix is enhanced handling and roadholding as well as a correct ratio between the wheelbase, overhangs and front and rear track.

V8 Ferrari Direct Injection
Torque 398 Lb/Ft @ 6000 rpm
0-60 MPH 3,4sec
0-200km/h 10,8sec
Top speed > 325km/h > 202 MPH
Trasmission: F1 double clutch 7 speed



Ferrari 458 italia

Styling and aerodynamics

Speed Attraction

Yet it is also clearly a significant leap forwards from the sporty mid-rear V8 cars that preceded it.