Land Rover Range Rover Evoque SD4


The high strength safety cell, airbags and advanced restraint systems provide an exceptional degree of safety for you and your passengers. Airbags and restraint systems ensure a high level of safety for all occupants with driver and passenger airbags, knee airbags, side curtain and thorax airbags. Child seat latch anchor points.
• The powerful all-disc braking system is complemented by the latest generation of active electronic safety systems, while the advanced traction and stability technology is configured to maximize performance and safety in the widest range of driving conditions
• The seamless combination of suspension and steering technology helps to deliver superior on-road ride and dynamic handling.
• Terrain Response® integrates the following technologies:
Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) – if the system detects that the driver is losing control, DSC intervenes to help maintain stability. DSC works by blocking torque and/or applying braking to selected wheels to counter understeer or oversteer and regain control and traction.
Electronic Traction Control (ETC) – helps to optimize traction and stability by controlling wheel spin. The ETC system reduces torque to the spinning wheel, and then applies braking if further control is required.
Hill Descent Control (HDC®) – automatically restricts your downhill speed to a safe limit, using the anti-lock braking system. This latest version features enhanced performance and an improved interface to help the driver easily adjust the target speed. HDC® works seamlessly with Gradient Release Control (GRC) which optimizes a controlled descent by progressively releasing the brakes when moving off on an incline.
Hill Start Assist - During hill starts, Hill Start Assist holds the brakes for a few seconds to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards.
Roll Stability Control (RSC) - This uses a sophisticated roll-over prevention system to detect the onset of a roll-over. The system applies brakes to the outer wheels to widen the turn radius to help maintain stability.


4L Range Rover
Torque 310 Lb/Ft @ 1750 rpm
190 Cv
0-100 km/h 0 - 62 MPH 8,5 sec
Top Speed 195 km/h 121 MPH
Trasmission Six-speed Automatic Transmission with Drive Select
4 Wheel Drive


The cruise control system will maintain your cruising speed at a constant level until you either apply the brakes or cancel it, using the steering wheel controls. Invaluable on long journeys and an easy way to ensure you stay under the speed limit.
• EPAS (Electric Power Assisted Steering) system delivers accurate, consistent steering and agile cornering. Power assistance is speed-sensitive so the steering is light and responsive at lower speeds and firmer at higher speeds.
• 8 inch Touch-Screen and Bluetooth Telephone Connectivity
• Luggage Capacity - Rear Seats Forward
Length 62.3 inches
Width 43 inches
Loadspace volume 51 cu. Feet
Loadspace width between arches 39.2 inches
Maximum box size (width x height) 35.5 inches x 24.6 inches
• Luggage Capacity - Rear Seats Upright
Length 31.34 inches
Height 34.3 inches
Width 43 inches
Loadspace volume 20.3 cu. Feet
Loadspace width between arches 39.2 inches


Land Rover Range Rover Evoque SD4

Styling and aerodynamics

Striking silhouette as the coupe