Land Rover Range Rover Sport


Active rear locking differential.This senses any loss of traction from the wheels and compensates by automatically locking the differential to maintain momentum.
• Dynamic Response: Whether on tarmac, or traversing the most extreme surface in adverse weather conditions, Dynamic Response senses cornering forces and compensates automatically. This minimizes body roll whilst helping maintain sure-footed control and supreme comfort.
• Four channel all terrain anti-lock braking system (abs)
• Front and rear split differential
• Four corner air suspension allows the suspension to be raised or lowered manually as well as guaranteeing a constant ride height regardless of load. It works with Terrain Response technology to help the driver confidently conquer gravel, grass, snow, rocks, and tarmac. he Terrain Response® system includes Dynamic Programme (standard on V8 Supercharged), which can provide more performance-orientated responses to driver input by remapping steering, throttle and gearbox settings. On Supercharged models the Terrain Response system includes a sixth option, Dynamic Program, which gives a sportier on-road focus to the vehicle's settings.
• Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) provides enhanced handling when accelerating or cornering and compensates for the towing of trailers.
• The four-wheel Electronic Traction Control (ETC) monitors individual wheel speeds and helps distribute drive to the wheels with the best grip. If a wheel starts to spin, ETC sends braking pulses to slow it down, improving its grip and boosting the torque applied to the opposite wheel to reduce vehicle speed. Hill Descent Control (HDC) technology utilizes the vehicle's ABS system to control the vehicle's downhill acceleration on a steep gradient.
• Range Rover Sport features six airbags, with the front row having side thorax and front airbags, side curtain airbags are also fitted covering front and rear rows. The vehicle displays real strength in impact tests, thanks to its hydroformed frame design and advanced engineering.


V6 Range Rover Turbo Diesel
Torque 443 Lb/Ft @ 2000 rpm
256 Cv
0-100 km/h 0 – 62 MPH
Top Speed 200 km/h MPH
Trasmission: 8 Speed Drive Select
4 Wheel Drive

V8 Supercharged
LR-V8 Supercharged 5.0 Liter Engine
Torque 461 Lb/Ft @ 2500 - 5500 rpm
510 Cv @ 6,000 6,500 rpm
0-100 km/h 0 – 62 MPH
Top Speed 225 km/h 140 MPH
Trasmission 6-speed automatic transmission with CommandShift and 2-speed electronically controlled transfer gearbox
Permanent four-wheel drive


The renowned command driving position, gives greater visibility ahead and of the surrounding environment as well as adding to the driver’s control and feeling of security.
• Adaptive Shift Strategy for optimum control and efficiency. The technology adapts to the driver’s particular driving style and the prevailing surface conditions, producing a more responsive performance and smoother gear changes.
• Center console cooler box. Situated in the center console, between the front row seats, the cooler compartment is a convenient place to keep items such as drinks chilled on a warm day.
• The eight-way adjustable front seats have been designed to ensure luxurious and long-range comfort. The driver can enjoy electrically adjustable seat bolsters and power lumbar support is also available.
• Look after yourself and your Range Rover Sport in colder conditions with heated front- and second-row seats (two heating levels), heated steering wheel, a heated front windshield and heated windshield washer jets.
• The sophistication of the interior and makes the environment even more select, with premium leather extending to the instrument panel topper, dash end caps, door tops and wrapping each door armrest.
• Luggage capacity - Rear Seats Upright
Height 37.1 inches
Width 48.0 inches
Loadspace volume 33.8 cu.ft (958 liters)
Loadspace width between arches 44.0 inches
Length at floor 39.0 inches
• Luggage capacity - Rear Seats Forward
Height 37.1 inches
Width 48.0 inches
Loadspace volume 71.0 cu.ft (2,013 liters)
Loadspace width between arches 44.0 inches
Length at floor 69.0 inches


Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Styling and aerodynamics

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