McLaren Mp4 12C


Smaller steering wheel,better grip and control, but the airbag remain of normal size,offering the hightest levels of safety,but in a more compact package
• F1 inspired rocker shift.Unlike the paddles found on conventional sports car,the 12?s unique,Formula 1-inspired rocker shift pivots in the centre of the steering wheel.When the driver pulls on the left to change down,the ride side responds with a pulse.
• The Rocker shift is mounted on the steering wheel,and not to the steering column.
• The exaust pipes are positioned high because it’s the most direct route of the car,and less piping means less weight. A large rear diffuser clear of any pipes, to help to generate high levels of downforce for traction and more stability too.
• Shorter stopping distances thanks to the Airbrake.It is automatically deployed under heavy braking.In wet conditions,or for a cornering at high speed, the driver can also manually deploy the airbrake for additional rear downforce.
• Weight Distribution Front – Rear : 42,5% / 57,5%
• Carbon monocell for superb ride and handling
• Innovative suspension for roll control and comfort


A bespoke V8 Engine more power-efficient than a hybrid.Its 3.8 V8 Twin Turbocharged engine produces abundant torque throughout the 8,5000 rpm rev range.80% of the Torque is available below 2,000 rpm.M838T engine is in low position in the chassis.In this way the 12’s helps the low centre of gravity and significantly contributing to its class-leading road handling.

V8 Mclaren Twin Turbocharged
Torque 443 Lb/Ft @ 3000 - 7000 rpm
616 Cv @7,500 rpm
0-100 km/h 3,3 sec 0 – 60 MPH
0-200 km/h 9,1 sec
Top Speed 333 km/h - 207 MPH
Trasmission Dual Clutch SSG 7 Speed


Moving the driver closer to the center created space for an additional “door console”.


McLaren Mp4 12C

Styling and aerodynamics

Everything for a reason

When Opened,they actually remove part of the lower sill that typically makes getting in or out of a sports car an event for all the wrong reasons.