Mercedes GLK class


ATTENTION ASSIST: Keeping an eye on you: Early warning for driver drowsiness.
Even in the most exciting vehicle, a long journey can bring about driver fatigue. An industry first, ATTENTION ASSIST takes note of over 70 parameters in the first minutes of a drive to get to know your unique driving style. As your journey continues, it can detect certain steering corrections that suggest the onset of drowsiness.
Active Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist:Always by your side: Added safety for multi-lane highways.Danger can come from any direction. Blind Spot Assist goes a step beyond your side mirrors. When radar sensors in the rear bumper detect that a vehicle is alongside yours, a red icon lights up in the side mirror to let you know. If you signal for a lane change, an alert sounds
4MATIC all-wheel drive
4-wheel Electronic Traction System (4-ETS)
Brake Assist senses emergency braking via the speed at which the driver presses the brake pedal and immediately applies maximum available power boost.
Advanced Tire-Pressure Monitoring System
Body structure
Approximately 70% of the GLK-Class body structure is made from high- and ultra-high-strength steel.
NECK-PRO front head restraints
In the case of a rear impact exceeding a preset threshold, NECK-PRO front head restraints move forward and slightly upward, reducing the distance between the head restraints and the heads of front-seat occupants.
7-speed automatic transmission
Paddle shifters
ECO Start/Stop system


V6 Mercedes Diesel common Rail
Torque 398 Lb/Ft @ 1600 to 2400 rpm
0-60 MPH 7,3sec
Top Speed 225 km/h 140MPH
Trasmission 7G Tronic Plus

4L Mercedes Diesel Ommon Rail
Torque 295 Lb/Ft @ 1400 to 2800 rpm
0-60 MPH 8,7sec
Top Speed 205 Km/h 127 MPH
Trasmission 7G Tronic


Adaptive Highbeam Assist uses a dedicated camera to scan the road ahead for the lights of other vehicles. Based on their calculated position, it varies the headlamps infinitely, not just to high or low beams, to maximize illumination without causing glare for other drivers.
Central controller
Featuring a crisp 5.8-inch color-LCD display and a central controller on the console, the GLK-Class gives you convenient control of audio, video, hands-free calling and optional navigation functions. Many features can also be accessed via the integrated steering-wheel controls.
Hands-free Bluetooth interface
Full leather seating
Supple, full-grain leather is hand-fitted to the seat surfaces and multi adjustable luxury head restraints.
Dual-zone climate control


Mercedes GLK class

Styling and aerodynamics


Just because the GLK-Class is ready to climb mountains doesn't mean it can't hug the road along the way. Its muscular yet elegant body is merely the outward reflection of its innate Mercedes-Benz virtues.