Mini Countryman


Various sensors recognise dangers before they actually arise, allowing you to react in good time. In tricky situations, you are supported by the intelligent suspension and braking systems.
• Automatic Stability Control + Traction (ASC+T), prevent the front wheels from spinning, guaranteeing ideal starting conditions and plenty of traction.
• Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) as standard and Cornering Brake Control (CBC). Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) manages the balance of the braking force between front and rear axle
• Standard-feature Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) prevents unstable driving situations by intervening in the engine management and, if necessary, by applying braking force to individual wheels at the front or rear. DSC also includes Hill Assist.
• Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) lets the driver actively make use of the self-steering properties of the MINI. Electronic Differential Lock Control (EDLC) recognises when the wheel slip is too high on the inside wheel during cornering and applies braking force for optimum handling on bends and different road surfaces.
• Driver and passenger airbags protect the head and upper body during a head-on collision. Side and head airbags reduce the risk of injuries to the head, chest and pelvic regions during side-on impact.
• Complete all-round protection’ is the guiding principle for the MINI chassis construction. The rigid collapsible steering column acts as a protective shield, providing optimum protection in the case of impact from the front, rear and side or when the car rolls over.
• Multilink rear axle, each wheel can react independently, meaning that an uneven road surface doesn't affect the entire chassis - and that your driving experience remains as relaxed as ever.


Countryman S
4L Mini Turbo Gasoline
Torque 177 Lb/Ft @ 1500 - 5000 rpm
184 Cv
0-100 km/h 7,6 sec 0 – 62 MPH
Top Speed 215 km/h - 134 MPH
Trasmission: 6 Speed Automatic
4 wheel drive

Countryman SD cabrio
4L Mini Diesel Turbo
Torque 225 Lb/Ft @ 1750 - 2700 rpm
143 Cv
0-100 km/h 9,3 sec 0 – 62 MPH
Top Speed 198 km/h - 123 MPH
Trasmission: 6 Speed Automatic
4 wheel drive


Sophisticated materials and unique designs, special interior trims, the finest leather and creative storage solutions.


Mini Countryman

Styling and aerodynamics

The spirit of a racer, the mind of an accountant

Combines typical MINI handling with the roominess of a four-door.