modball_title May 25, 2015

Modball Rally

Cars & Yacht

If there is no fun, there’s no point. This is Jon’s (modball founder) motto and this is why we chose to partecipe to Modball Rally 2015. We are young, dynamic , we also love having fun!!! Drive all day, Party all night! When? from June 19th to June 25th Where? from London, to Paris, Milan, Rome, Monaco, Barcelona... we will be there! What car will we drive? It’s a one off. We are working hard to have this car ready on the grid for June 19th, It’s a battle against time. But we are sure we can do it. ------------------------------------------------------------ Modball Numbers Modball rally was born in 2006. About 1 million of people follow this crazy event around Europe. Facebook 144k followers, youtube twitter and a lot of other social follow us. Surely 2015 Rally will be an Success. June 19 London June 20 Paris June 21 Milan June 22 Rome June 23 Monaco June 24 Barcelona We are waiting for!!! ------------------------------------------------------------ From Dayotna to European Streets: Amazing tripn, amazing adventure. From Milan to Florida south carolina and north carolina, looking for Our amazing car. We bought a beautiful and officilal Winston cup Nascar Racing car.!!! Now we have to realize the impossible. Register first Nascar racing car to street legal use. Our team is amazing, working 24/7 and only one focus: Being on the london Grid at June 19th. We are really excited! Stay focus!!! #modball2015 #nascarteamEL ----------------------------------------------------------- Car Spe Drive Type: Rear Wheel Production Years for Series: 2000 - 2007 Top Speed: 200 mph | 321.8 km/h Engine Type: V8 5867 cc | 358.0 cu in. V8 358 / 90-degree 750 BHP (552 KW) 499 Ft-Lbs (677 NM) Transmission: 4 Manual T-10 style